Saturday, March 10, 2012

Charcoal Drawing Techniques

Still life

10 minute observational drawing using right hand
 This first drawing was difficult to get the proportion correct. I started from the top but didn't really have a strategy to get the correct placement.
5 minute, left handed observational drawing

This exercise was difficult to do with any precision as I am not left handed but the lines were looser than the first observational drawing and more interesting and quirky.

Blind drawing, 3 mins, using right hand

This technique produced even more interesting charcoal marks and is has the loosest lines. In some ways it is more successful than the straight observation using the predominant hand.

Exploring negative shapes

 This exercise was challenging as the negative space had to be thought through to give the suggestion of the still life arrangement simply by darkening around the objects

Exploring shape and shading

Gradation example

The last exercise  was really much easier than the first few techniques. The willow charcoal pencil was excellent to use and the smuging effect to create a gradation effect was more straightforward in terms of technique. Going from dark to light in a smooth transition is not quite realised on the test strip but is more successful in the apple. The putty eraser also helped to create lighter areas that could be seen on the apple surface.

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