Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photographs from Session One in 2011

As I couldn't find the photos I took on the first IMPD workshop (they mysteriously went much further up in my my iPhoto collection) I am posting them now. The following photos were the few I liked best from the many I took. They either show the rule of thirds, create an interesting design through placement of shapes, explore nature's textures, show the use of the macro feature of the camera or have an abstract quality that resonates with me. Some demonstrate more than one of these qualities.

At the first workshop I was unable to to get the two stage shutter effect, with part of a photo in focus and part blurry,  but I managed to do this at home the following weekend by persevering! (See my experimental photos post).

All the photos below were taken on Manual.

I know know more than I did at the beginning of the first workshop so I can....


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